2008 yz250f engine rebuild

Hey guys, I am in the middle of my engine rebuild, my bike has 72.6 hours. I have determined that i need a new crank, piston, and new cylinder. I have some choices to make and am unsure of what really to do. Choices: replace everything but stick with stock displacement, bump up to a bigger piston and new cylinder, or go the whole way and do a over sized crank and do the stroker and bore kit. I am going for reliability and lasting a long time. any ideas (brands or kits?)

Thanks guys

Stock is best for reliability. If you want a bigger bike, buy a 450

Good question that I am wrestling with too. I have heard that the smaller big bores rev like stock, while the larger (290) rev slower and/or have more vibration. But, other people have posted on here that they love the big bore and are sorry they did not do it sooner. More info is needed.

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