CavemanMike.....Has to be the funniest!!!

Man, you want to read some funny responses to post just read some of CavemanMike's, they have me and my girlfriend dropping to the floor laughing. Keep up the great post CavemanMike and I like your up beat attitude on TT!

Sorry, wrong area for a post and I dont know how to change.....

Edited by Pumpkin450sxf
Wrong area for posting...

i agree. quality posts.

CaveMike often misunderstood. Very happy find friends here.

CaveMike rocks! :smirk:

CaveMike for pres 2012...we need someone with common sense :smirk:

CaveMike it's the men

CaveMike no understand. English no him first language.

Cavemike sounds like chinese proverbs.

Instead of "Man who drop watch in toilet have shitty time" Its "Caveman who drop club in mammoth poop have shitty hunt"

Hahaha yeah 'ol CaveMike cracks me up.

CaveMike it's the men

I think you mean, "CaveMike is the man!!" ??

Agreed...CaveMike is a BAMF.

Any relation to MXJunky?....LOL

Hes growing on me..............

MXJ vs CM. Epic battle of wits.

CaveMike technically considered mongoloid. Slow with mind, words, quick with club.


Yes he is growing on me as well.

I have a idea of whom he is.

I know who CaveMike is.

I have no clue who CaveMike is.

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