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Show your GPS & Mount setup on your Beta, KTM, Husky, Berg?

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Got any pics you can share of your GPS & Mount setup on your Beta, KTM, Husky, Berg?

I'm looking at Trailtech Voyager (mounted) and Garmin (portable) C60S GPS type units and wondering what the rest of you have come up with that works well for you.

The Voyager idea looks good but I'd probably end up completely replacing my Beta digital display with it; then a friend mentioned he thought the hard mounted units are not kept as current as the portables in terms of software, updates, maps, etc.


  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Easy to read
  • Good Value
  • Decent software

Photos? Ideas? Let's see yours. Thanks.

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I made this bracket, it mounts to the upper pinch bolts on the left side then uses a standard RAM mount




These pics are on my Yamaha WR but I have similar mounts on my other bikes. I mass produced different ones for all the bikes, some incorperated blinker stays for the street legal bikes.

I run a Garmin GPSMAP 478, probably the most flexible and functional unit you can/could get. Big screen, lots of memory, 20,000 waypoints....

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I just mounted a Voyager to my 2011 TE511 husky, i modified the mount and tapped the top clamp. It is PERFECT for my use.




Awesome info from this unit. Amazing.


Very upgradeable via mini SD flash. Already upgraded it once, was stupid simple. I have beat the crap out of this unit for 400 miles of single track, no issues so far and Trailtech is very good about support.

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I first tried mounting mine to the triple clamp, but I didn't like it:


So I moved to a standard bar mount:


Here is a similar thread on KTMtalk with quite a variety of solutions:


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Hey Ride, is that a screen shot from the Voyager? I would love to be able to overlay GPS tracks on sat. photos real time in the woods.

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