Fork seals?

just bought a used 07 yz250f checked everything out good bought it, then the day i go to pick it up 40 mph winds so we strap the bike down a little tighter. get home a i blew a fork seal by doing this. they hadnt been done for a season so were due to be done so i think its a combination of old seal and too much pressure. anyway i have retrained myself and had it foor days and havent rode it but i wanna go out for this may long weekend maybe do 2 rides is it ok to do this i know it isnt good but will i damage anything??? also how hard is it to do fork seals yourself every single shop around me is booked up for 2 weeks which is why they were not done yet?

Fork seals aren't hard to do. Some people say don't ride but I think if you make sure the fluid level is up you should be ok for some easy rides. Have you tried the 35mm film trick yet? Might try that first

no idea what trick you are referring to please fill me in ASAP???

Take some 35mm film and slide it under the seal and dust seal and twist around to clear any debris that's under the seal that would cause it to leak and take the film out

I rode my WR around for about 3-4 months with a consistent fork seal leak. I'm not proud of that, and it's not recommended. :smirk: It would puddle on the floor of the garage while sitting. When I finally got around to replacing them, (easy task by the way) I thought for sure I might have some damage. Disassembled the fork, and to my suprise I found quite a bit of fork oil in there still. I think the biggest safety issue with riding with blown fork seals is that you can get fork oil on your front brake components. I would do the 35MM film trick first. Slide the dust covers/wipers down, clean all debris and oil around the area, use the 35mm film trick to clear any debris from between the fork tube and seal, apply some grease on the fork tube right below the fork seal, then slide the dust cover/wiper back up and into place. Then ride and see if the leak goes away. It may get you through a couple rides, but I'd look into replacing those seals soon. The 35mm trick is usually a temporary solution for leaky fork seals. In my experience, once my fork seals start leaking, the 35mm trick only works for a little while before it is time to replace the seals. If it was my bike, I would ride it, and fix/replace the seals as soon as possible but that is just what I personally have done and would do, but that's just me so take it for what it worth. Good Luck, and if you need any info on replacing the seals ask away.

There is a great tech article on, that will walk you through the process, and show you how to make your own special tools instead of paying $$$$ for them.

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Just realized that you have an 07' and that you probably have dual chamber forks, so that link I posted probably won't help you as much as it helped me. I'm unfamilier with dual chamber forks, but there are plenty of guys on here that are, and could walk you through it.

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