Help with '03 spittin coolant

Just replaced my impeller, bearing seals and shaft for my water pump and now it is leaking. Looks like there is a small weep hole on the bottom of the pump housing that the water is coming out of. It was idling for a few minutes to warm the motor up. Is this normal while at idle? Don't ever remember seeing anything come from there before. Any ideas what is going on? Is this a bigger problem? Thanks in advance, JD

well all i can tell you is after warming the bike up for 2 minutes the 3rd minute the bike starts to overheat and spit coolant out of the overflow tubes so if you go out for an hours ride going at least 25 mph and the coolant doesnt come out then you are fine

It's not normal for coolant to leak from the weep hole. Check for correct fitment or damage to a seal during install.

IF it is leaking from the weep hole, you either damaged the coolant seal, or installed the seal backward. The seal lip of the oil seal must face the bearing, and the lip of the coolant seal must face the impeller.

Double check that the coolant you see is not coming from the overflow tube, which is usually tied to the frame on that same side. "A few minutes" can easily be too long to let the bike idle.

Another possibility is that the right side balancer shaft bearing is loose and causing the impeller shaft to wobble excessively.


great illustration btw... bookmark as I have either a leaky seal or????

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