XR400 fork seals

Been awhile since I last visited...I've got a '98 XR400 that I can't keep fork seals from leaking. Bad. The seals (I've installed 3 sets over the past few years) keep getting progressively leaky, quicker. The first two times I used Honda seals, the last time was aftermarket. All seals have leaked, obviously badly enough that I feel I need to replace them. The last set of aftermarket seals leaked after two rides. Some background: I don't ride that often ( a few hundred miles each summer), I have checked the run-out of each slider tube (less than .001"), No visible or "feelable" burrs on the sliders, I follow repair manual proceedures each time with usually Honda parts, a buddy suggested that my aftermarket fork brace might be preloading a "tweak" in the forks. Ideas?

You always make sure the forks/triple clamps are aligned and straight before you install a fork brace. Then the forks should not have to be manipulated in any way for the brace to fit and clamp up properly. If they do, then something about the forks/triple clamps alignment, fork bushings isn't right or the brace is mis-machined.

Also, when running a brace, any time you dump the bike hard enough to tweak the handlebars you should loosen the triple clamps bolts and the brace bolts and re-align things. Not just whack the front wheel against a tree or whatever until the bars seem straight again. The bars might seem straight again but the forks could still be in a bind.

Are you putting something like a piece of plastic wrap over the end of the fork tube to protect the seal before you're sliding on your new seal every time?

What are you using to drive the oil seal and dust seal in to place?

Only use Honda factory seals.Fork brace maybe problem take it off try it.Most of the time problem is pits on tube.Sometimes you cant feel them.I use a lighted magnifier glass.Are your bushings in good shape.Some of our old xrs 96-7 dont get ridden for 4-7 months still not leaking.Are you using fork boots?

I always use a piece of plastic on the tube before I install the seals. I drive the seals in with the correct installation tool. The bushings were finally bad enough that I replaced them on the last go round with the seals. I do not have fork boots on the bike. I do have plastic "rock guards" or deflectors.

I would again check for pits,nicks.New Honda factory seals,remove brace,put on fork boots.On aftermarket seals,we have not used all brands ,but the one we did use.Did not last over 1-2 rides.

The only thing I could think would be pitting and to go over it with 2000 grit sand paper. I put some Moose Racing seals on mine and they work great. I also put long seal savers over my whole fork tube and took off those ugly boots. If you buy the long seal savers then get one size up because they will be too tight.

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