SUV dual mounting?

Has anyone seen these mounts for a dirtbike/motorcycle? Im looking into hauling 2 dirtbikes off a dodge durango and was wondering if anyone has had any expirence with them? Or is it just better to get a trailer? I looked at this because space to store a trailer is very limited.

personally i'd go for a trailer... Downside is plates/maintenance that you don't have with a hitch carrier (or a ramp and a pickup).

I have the aluminum single and used it on my Tahoe. I used it on my f250 the other day (my boy's 65 and gear in the back). Hate pushing mine up the truck since I'm 5'6 on a semi-lifted truck. But I sure like it better than the trailer for most of my 2-3hr trips with the Tahoe.

Weight didn't bother the 4x4 tahoe but it can drag through some deep median crossover dips. The biggest considerations about the Durango is the height of the hitch because of the length and the weight dropping it down to dragging on just about everything. You might could put in some stiff/extra springs and it might help. Single probably. Double is a tough call. You could always sell it for the same you bought it for at Discountramps.c om

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