What are you guys paying for a full revalve and springs ?

I took mine to the local suspension guru today who is going to provide the springs, valves, seals oil etc and labor for $650

Decent deal ?

I thought it was OK, and he's going to have it ready to go Thursday

That seems to be about normal when sending your suspension off to get revalved with springs. I did my own suspension with a kit from Smart Performance and I bought the springs off ebay so I got $375.00 into my suspension. Well worth the money and I also learned a thing or two by calling Dave.

$650 is the going rate. I went with Enzo suspension and it was about that price, but that price also includes free valving updates as you get faster/slower etc when you send your suspension in for a rebuild.

i got a revalve but got new pistons in the shocks also was about 1,100 but got a deal its a sick set up http://tntracingdevelopment.com/

thta sounds about what Merge was saying to do my son's bike !! and if it is he is a jam up guy !!


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Just under a grand for a complete rebuild, springs, revalve, piston, and seals.

$500 with new bushings and seals from Enzo, no springs.

factory connection cost me around $1000 if i remember correctly

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