Safari Tank users - 17 or 28?

The Safari Tanks.

Have any inmates ridden DRZ400E's with the different sized safari tanks?

Is the 28 litre a pain due to width, or uncomfortable to ride standing up?

Is the 17 a tad small for those longer day rides?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



the 17 is actually a 20 litre

the 28 is for trips to the moon

i have a 17 litre for sale but it has seen plenty of action :smirk:

pm me

I can say after having both the 28ltr and the 17ltr,

the 17ltr is good for almost any trip away,

If you NEED 500k range without fuel the 28ltr is perfect.

After putting 14,000k/s on the drz, the 28ltr has only been needed on/used on one trip away.(28ltr tank is now sold)

17ltr has been on for many many trips away.(17ltr tank will stay)

both tanks fit great and after 20 min you dont really notice the difference between the 17ltr or the 28ltr.

for me 250ks/300ks between fuel is fine, I vote the 17ltr.:smirk:

just get the one that has the fuel range you need, both tanks are great.

hope this helps.

I've got a 28L on mine for the long trips and its nice to have it as an option if you're into adventure riding.

they really aren't that noticable on the bike, unless you've been riding with the stock tank forever.

As a daily tank though, the 17 is a better allrounder

I have an 17L tank, with my set up and 15/41 gearing I get about 280-300km hwy driving.

Tank is not overly big but you do notice it.


The IMS is 4.0 gal and half the price of the Safari, you only loose 0.2

Thanks for your input.

May be I am geting too greedy going for the 28. If 17 can get me 300kms that should do.

Does the 17 give good protection to the bike (radiators, etc.)?



the tank REALLY protects the rads

my safari tank is sold BTW

I have the smaller Safari tank on my '09 DRZ400S. I like the tank except for one problem, the under side of tank rubs against the top of the motor. See my post for pictures >>>

If you decide to go with this tank, make sure that you check for clearance. You can not see this area when the tank is installed. So, use a wad of putty or something similar.

My tank may have a manufacturing defect, but the issue is still not resolved to my satisfaction. I think that Safari would just like me to stuff some more foam under the tank and go away. The problem with foam is that with time it will compress and the tank may contact the motor again.

Again, if you buy their tank, check for clearance initially and latter for evidence of tank to motor contact any time the tank is off of the bike.

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