Someone help me figure out Cycra handguards

I want a set of Cycra handguards, the aluminum ones that don't attach to the bar ends, they're just open.

I'm running stock bars (WR250F), probably will for a while.

The Cycra website is a little vague on what goes with what.

I'm looking for strong, where I don't have to deal with rotation or bar end sweep so short I have to cut a lever.


I'm probably wrong but I think the ones that don't attach to the bar ends are for racing and to protect against roosts and don't protect against trees and branches that tend to jump out of nowhere

The ones that don't attach to the end of the bar are just for roost protection. They are not strong and don't protect against impact.

If you're riding woods you need the ones that attach to the bar ends and clamp to the bar near the taper.

Why would you not want the ones that attach to the bar end? Mine don't interfere with anything and they're saved my hands MANY times, and saved me from crashing just as often.




Do they twist on you at all on a getoff ?

I see they offer a triple clamp mount to allevieate that too.

The reason I'm thinking the open end version would work well is every set I've owned (many) has needed to have a lever cut or the bar end anchors were just crap.

Your second pic shows they have sufficient clearance (stock levers ?) so if I can get a triple clamp mount or some bar end anchors that will actually keep the whole guard from spinning, that'll work.

co with the proper bark busters. quality

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