11 Excess oil in overflow tube.

I did my first race back in awhile this weekend. I was revving the bike a little more than usual since it was a race no taking it easy... I finished practice and emptied that Head cover overflow tube that splits to the airbox and oil ran out a lot. Not the normal 2-3 drops. The same thing happened after the following two motos. Each race was 20 minutes plus one lap. Is this of concern or normal for race conditions? racing conditions were sunny 70 degrees and i raced 450 pro... thanks guys!

my understanding is that oil buildup in that tube is indicative of either overfilling the crankcase or consistently high revving. So all other things being the same with your bike except your recent race at WFO I'd say that's the reason. Just keep an eye on all your fluid levels and make sure there's nothing else going on (i.e. coolant leaking into the engine oil) and you should be good.

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