Get a rekluse?


Hey guys! I have been riding for many years and have owned many different bikes during them. I currently have a 2010 250sx set up for the woods and i am very happy with it thus far.

Most of my riding has been in the TSF mostly between Rodgers camp and Jordan creek. Recently i have been exploring Diamond Mill and have found that area much more fun and challenging at the same time. I find myself wondering if a Rekluse might help my old lazy ass in some of the situations Diamond Mill presents to some riders.

Other areas i wish to start exploring this year would be the Hood River area, Jones creek, and maybe venture up to capital forest.

Wondering who uses a rekluse or other auto clutch? Why you like or dont like it? Benefits or problems they may have or cause.


You will get many, many opinions on here. Best bet is to find a similar bike to yours with an auto clutch and sample it, its not for everyone.

Oh and if you like diamond mill, capital forest isnt worth the trip

What you want a tv and dvd player and back massager on your bike too? So said my brother when i posed the same question- lol

you will love it. they are awesome for trail riding.

What you want a tv and dvd player and back massager on your bike too? So said my brother when i posed the same question- lol

Sure, why not? That's the beauty of technological improvements...things get better. I love the Rekluse...will never go back.

I've never had one so I can't say how they work. But for trail riding, I always thought it'd be nice to get rid of the clutch. That way I could have a hand pull rear brake, for those times when your doing a tight switchback and you need your foot on the ground.

Rekluse Pro :smirk::banana: Rekluse Pro with an e-start bike :smirk::banana::prof::banana::lol:

.Oh and if you like diamond mill, capital forest isnt worth the trip

Thanks for the heads up on this, It's appreciated:thumbsup:

I am not sure what Rekluse i should be looking at? The exp 2.0, the pro or the core with exp?

I try and ride at least once a week, plan to hit a few poker runs in various areas and i was thinking about doing an Oregon off road event like the Devil's head ISDE if i can get my old ass in good enough shape for it:smirk:

If you get an autoclutch I would get a rear handbrake as well. BUlldogin without one is fun to watch.

Personally I want complete control over as many aspects of the bike as possible. Particularly when and how much the clutch slips, independent of how much fuel I am giving the bike.

Lots of great riders swear by them, I have given myself mental permission to revisit the idea when I turn 50. Till then I am going to tease guys with auto clutches about having to share a bike with their spouse.

I love the Rekluse...will never go back.

Interesting, i would not have guessed you are a autoclutch user.

Stay clear of the Revloc:foul:

Ill toss a +1 for the auto clutch, I have the rekluse pro on both my 530 and 200 as well as the combo left hand rear brake. To do it over I think I would have just removed the foot brake all together on my 200 as I never use it anymore. I have no intention of going back to a stock clutch.

If you get one it IS ok despite what others WILL say. Had one before. Very nice. Been a year now without one. I'm getting really good at hotstarting an MX bike. It's so much fun. :smirk:

Rekluse used to make a trail model that they now call EXP - not to be confused with Core EXP. Also check the Revloc Dyna Ring.

I keep resisting to purchase again. :smirk: I even avoided a few stalls here recently. :prof:

Interesting, i would not have guessed you are a autoclutch user.

I broke my left wrist several years ago while snowboarding and during the '06 White Knuckle at Reiter (pouring rain and a total mudded-rut, wet-root nightmare) I got to the point that I could no longer effectively modulate the clutch because of both pain and lack of strength from the snowboarding injury.

After several dozen stalls on the last lap I decided that I was buying a Rekluse and put one on my old 426. Still had my RM250 with the regular clutch but as nimble as it was I enjoyed the Rekluse-equipped 426 in the woods more even though it was a tank!

What you want a tv and dvd player and back massager on your bike too? So said my brother when i posed the same question- lol

Steve.....if you DID have a rekluse ( ever tried one ?:smirk:), that time out at tahuya you had soooo much trouble with your clutch cable ( brand new husky) would never have happened LOL:smirk::smirk:


I'm on the fence...they both require a bit different technique. I have both on different bikes, swapping between them can cause some confusion...well, at least for me :smirk:

I am a huge huge fan! I run the z-start pro on my Yz 250 (285) along with LHRB and it just makes riding so so much fun! I broke the rear brake foot lever completely off during the Shane watts hardcore class a couple weeks ago and never noticed since I have grown so accustomed to the hand lever

The zstart is flawless in almost every situation for me. I can lug it around in third all day and it just keeps coming, dumpnit on a slimy trail and it just lays there idling away waiting for me to pick it up and head down the trail!

z-start pro on my CR125/500 conversion. Ran the LHRB for a while but switched back. I like the Rekluse for now. Running the light spring and 15 TC balls.

Those LHRB are all kinds of fun the first time ya try to use one. I borrowed a friend's bike, and at the bottom of the next gut met my handlebars :smirk:

I have the z start pro that I had in a 300 ktm. I bought it a few years ago and when I first put in in, I rode Mattawa and hated it! Came home and pulled it out and thought about selling it. The original settings had it freewheeling a little too easy and just couldn't find anything I liked about it. After some time I put it back in adjusted to engage quicker and not freewheel so much. I still hate it in the open areas and for just play riding (hill climbs really suck when you stop short) but for trails and technical riding, long enduros, etc., it is awesome. I kept another bike for the playriding without the rekluse, so that works. I have a newer 300 now and have not put the z start in yet. It's on the shelf and am not sure if I will put in or not yet. I really miss the ability to use the clutch, yet the rekluse lets you get away with lots of mistakes when you get tired (and that happens quickly these days). It may be for sale.

The core EXP is something I may get sometime since the clutch feel and override is like stock. At $900, its a little hard to justify for me.

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