new 2009 WR250F lowering options

Just got my new terra rocket.

Seat height currently measures 37" to garage floor.

I'm 5'4" , 160lbs. and can barely touch on both sides.

Looking to lower it with Yamalink or Moose, as these are the only ones I've found so far.

Yamalink states on their site, Lowers rear by 1.6".

Moose lowers it further?

Option to raise forks 18mm.

Set sag spring pre-load. Gain 3/4" drop?

Shave the seat, maybe gain 2" drop?

Saw on another forum where someone installed a shorter spring pack in the forks to re-balance the bike.

Any guidance or experience?

Without sounding flip, one thing you might give some thought to is using smaller tires.

One of my good everyday riding buds is about your height and he just tonight removed the Yamalink from his 2009 WR250.

It lowered the bike ~ 1½" or so, and made it easy for him to touch the ground, but the angle of the bike (with recommended adjustments) after the Yamalink was installed just hosed up the geometry of the suspension.

With the link, his suspension was marshmallow soft and the front end pushed like crazy in corners (I rode the bike).

He went to different springs front and rear, and even a revalve on the front, still the bike being lowered made it just enough 'off' to where any adjustment to offset the effect of the change would just show up badly somewhere else.

If you don't push the bike to it's limits, you may not see the same effect to the same degree, but, I can tell you first hand, it will change the whole feel of the bike, not just the height of the seat.

If you're looking for a Yamalink, he'll probably sell his for a reasonable price.

Once he removed the link, his suspension is back to 'normal' and the front doesn't push like crazy.

As far as his inability to touch a foot down, he's just going to live with it and gain the benefit of a more stable ride.

You could always look at going to a set of 17" rims/tires. They are available and may be the best option riding wise.

There may be other options, I don't know :smirk:

shave the seat as i did, its the best way to lower the bike as it does not mess with the bike set up

Before I did anything, I'd first make sure the rear suspension spring preload is adjusted to achieve 4" of sag with your weight on the seat.

Myself, I'm 5' 5", and the last thing I want to do is lower the bike. :smirk:

The correct way to lower a bike is internally in the shock and forks. At the same time, have the springs and valving selected for your weight and inteneded usage.

I have a 28" inseam. I removed close to 3" of travel to make me comfortable.

Sag must be set according to the general rule (10% static, 25% race) You should not adjust sag or preload to alter the bike height. Links can lower a bike but they can mess up the suspension geometry and therefor how the suspension reacts. The are a quick and relatively cheap fix (esp. if you buy a used link) You shopuld always lower the back and the front the same abount unless your goal is to also alter the handling characteristics.

Lots to think about.

Called local outfitter shop, they recommended a drop link, adjust sag in the rear spring and move forks.

Did not recommend revalving the forks.

They mentioned other drop links besides yamalink.

Max drop link I should go is 1.75?

I was thinking that the amount of drop link is proportional to the amount I raise the front forks. I heard 18mm is max.

I don't want it looking like a chopper.

My inseam is 31.25". Seat height is 37". Difference of 5.75.

Weight with helmet/pack/gear would be 170. Current spring sag is 1.83".

If I get 4" of spring sag (an additional 2" from current), plus 1.75" with a drop link and 1.5" with shaved seat. I'm only .75" away from a more comfortable ride.

It might be cheaper and easier just to glue blocks of wood to the bottom of your boots.

The Seat height is 37" with 0 sag, no rider on board. It drops close to 4" out of the box with a rider.

It might be cheaper and easier just to glue blocks of wood to the bottom of your boots.


And just as correct....

MX boots raise you a good inch it seems.

The first 2 months I was determined to lower my 250. On a good day I am 5'6" and as for the past 3 years I've ridden it at the stock hight. Now not even the slightest issue of hight you just get use to it. I have ridden a lowered 250 what a bad difference.

It might be cheaper and easier just to glue blocks of wood to the bottom of your boots.

I'm there.....

Tonight I kick started the bike just for $h!ts and fell over. :smirk:

Checked out Race Tech. They got a nice suspension lowering kit, "Pricing starts at around $225 for Forks and $215 for the Shock ($440 for both), this includes rebuild and oil and lowering spacers only." Gotta send them in.

Keeps the geometry in check and no lowering link.

Just another option.

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