2008 RMZ 250 e-manual

Ive had three kx/rmz 250s. an 04, 05 an 06 and there were millions of internet links to download the manual for it!!

Now i got an 08 I cant seem to find a manual anywhere! Can anyone help? Is there such a thing as a free pdf manual or have I gotta bite the bullet and pay for one!

Thanks guys

check your pm's

I also need an 08 manual. Can you please send me the link info also?

PM me your email addresses

I know this is old but I just picked up a new to me 2008 rmz 250 and would love to have a pdf manual

I have one saved at work. Will post a link for ya!

I have one saved at work. Will post a link for ya!

Sweet thanks, i really appreciate it

http://www.2shared.c...Workshop_Se.htm got the 2009 servce manual off this site labout a year ago, It was compressed so you have to open the RAR. file Hope still works the file is to big to send via message. :smirk:

Nope it doesn't work.

Thanks for trying

Anybody else have one?

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if any one else has one for an 08 id love to get my hands on one as well. . . .

I have an 07 would the 08 Still work? Or does anyone have one for the 07?

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