WR450F Water pump leak

im glad to have found this post my 05 wr just started to leek out of that little hole on the bottom side of the water pump, if its like milkey coolent (oil and coolent mixed togeter) should i be woried? or just replace both seals and refill both oil and coolent? (of corse check shaft and impeler for wear as well)

Check your oil and coolant, if both look fine then it's only mixing between the seals and is no worry. Be ready to replace the pump shaft and bearing as well.

got it 10-4

Personally I think it's foolish to go in and not replace the oil seal while you are at it. The bearing and shaft are longer wearing items so it still makes sense to leave them if they are fine, but you should not be loosing enough oil through the oil seal to make any milkiness appear in the coolant. For the 5 bucks that the seal costs you may as well just do the oil side as well since its showing signs of failure in the near future.

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