88 XR6 Original wiring harness AFTER Baja Designs kit install

I was wrenching on my 88 XR600 today and noticed that most of the original wiring harness had been tucked away, taped up and zip tied in various places on the bike by one of the previous owners after they installed the Baja Designs harness. There seems to be only 2 wires still hooked up from it. One in the front that looks to be going to a headlight wire and one under the seat that looks to be going down to the stator. Is this normal AFTER the BD mod? Is there any way I can thin the old stock harness down and only keep what I need? I'd like to clean things up a bit and not have so much extra wiring around. It looks to be an older BD kit as it has the rocker style kill switch and some sort of a "power booster" on the frame backbone near the coil. I have pictures, but I'm NOT allowed to post them???:smirk: Do I need a magic number of posts on the board or something?

Unless you pay to be a Team TT member you can not upload images. Use a third party image site like Photobucket or Imageshack and then link the images from there. It's actually very simple.

I also have an old BD kit. As far as I'm concerned the old BD kit sucks from a wiring perspective. Due to 18ga wire about 20% of my light output was eaten up in wiring resistance. I currently have a hybrid system. I did it for better electrical setup, and not saving weight. There really isn't all that much to save anyhow.

My 93 wiring harness was real easy to work on. Just remove it from the bike and lay it out on a table. Unwind a bunch of old electrical tape and make your changes. Then re wrap with tape and you are done.

I bought a crimper and connector kit from Vintage Connections. Good stuff at a rather inexpensive price. Makes for professional looking and working wiring.

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