Moved/Deleted Threads?!

There were a couple of good discussions going about the chain slap issues with the KLX450R, which are now showing as 'moved' and are no longer accessible. Anyone know why they would have been moved, and/or why they don't seem to be accessible anywhere else, either?


I think they got rid of it because that 1 guy was trying to sell his chain guide. I don't know for sure, but I don't remember any arguing going on in those threads.

Bummer....There was some useful information being exchanged in those threads.

Email the moderator and see what they say.....

I PMed Ron Hamp. No reponse so far.

If you dont get a reply from the moderator just start a new thread for "chain slap/noise" and ask ppl to post the good the bad and the ugly and or photos of fixes, mods and ideas and i'm sure there will be some great advice and tips from fellow KLX'ers For reference just don't try to sell stuff:bonk:

I wondered what happened.

I got one of those and put up some of the installed pics.

I mean, quite frankly, it's a new idea and concept and not something available anywhere, so I don't know what the problem was.

I understand the whole TT store- so I understand, But what was being discussed, tried, etc was not something available so.......... ?

And..... it's not likely to be something ever available, as I think it's fairly model specific- I never had this issue or problem on another bike.

It is my fault.

Some moderator named William1 pulled my thread asking if anyone had an original exhaust left over from an upgrade. He sited "because I wanted something so I should have posted in the classifieds". Since I had an order in with TT, I asked him if he was in any way associated with the TT store and he said no, he was just a regular retired guy making sure forum rules were followed. I was very put off buy the whole thing and totally ready to cancel the order.

I told him I was just reading about a cool anti side-slap chain guide a guy was selling so I didn't think asking for an exhaust would violate any buy-sell-want classified rules.

Next time I logged on the chain guide threads were marked moved. I asked him where the 2 chain slap threads got move to and he said the owner is reviewing them for possible breaking the rules. I was again dismayed. I didn't know if there was some way to report William1 for being a power hungry moderator who loves to hit the delete key?

Sorry, I sould not have mentioned the chain guide to William1.

I honestly don't think it's your fault, wielywilly-g...

Even if you tipped 'em off to threads containing some posts where someone offered to sell something, all the TT mods had to do was delete those posts which may have broken forum rules, but not delete the entire threads.

Talk about throwing out the baby with the bathwater.


Anyhow...I've started a new thread on the subject, here...

Edited by DRZ400SK4

Willaim1 did exactly what the owners of TT have directed us to do, move possible commercial use threads/posts/items to a temporary location for the owner's review.

It has nothing to do with being "Power hungry". If you thought about this for even a second the owners are giving guys an opportunity to possibly sell something by reviewing and contacting the member versus just having the mods delete stuff.

Now honestly, which would you prefer?

For a refresher:

What are the rules concerning the use of this site?

* No personal attacks. If you debate, attack the topic, not the person.

* No unauthorized commercial/promotional use of ThumperTalk. Members must not use the discussion forums and/or private messaging as a vehicle to promote or advertise the products, services or events of any business that they are directly or indirectly associated with. If you'd like to reach our members with your message, contact us.

* No trolling. Trolling is starting threads or replying to posts with the purpose of getting a rise out people. For example, starting a thread titled "Yamaha Riders Suck" in the Yamaha bike forums.

* No non-sense posting. If you don't have anything of value to add to a thread, don't reply just for the sake of posting. It's just more fluff readers have to weed through to find the information they are looking for.

* No posting for sale, free, wanted or trade ads in the forums. Ads are only permitted in the classified section or your profile signature.

* ThumperTalk is a PG13 community. This means no excessive profanity, vulgarity, graphic or sexually explicit content.

* No cross-forum posting (creating the same thread across multiple discussion forums).

* Moderator conflicts. Should you have a conflict with a moderator, work it out with that moderator. If that fails, contact the site administrator.

* No unauthorized group buys.

We reserve the right to monitor, delete, edit, move or close any post, thread or private message for any reason. In addition, we reserve the right to block or restrict any user from access to ThumperTalk for any reason.

If you post something that ThumperTalk deems unacceptable, that post/thread will be deleted and you will be told why via private message. While we don't expect you to agree with any particular action we take, we do expect your cooperation and acceptence. Any bitching, whining or pissing & moaning about it will result in your immediate removal from ThumperTalk. This includes taking your case to the streets (public) in an effort stir the pot and disrupt the community.

ThumperTalk is a private club and we reserve the right to determine what is and is not appropriate for our discussion forums. If you don't like what we do or how we do it, please exercise your freedom of choice and find something that better suits your personal tastes. If you have a suggestion as to how to improve ThumperTalk, post it to our suggestions box.

Bottom-line, treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself, use common sense when posting/replying and have fun!

Moderators have no choice either. We must enforce the rules as laid out by TT and we must also follow the same rules.

Thank You.

Oh, and the owners may edit or modify the thread and move it back. That's strictly their decision, not ours.

Just some positive feedback to pass along, if you would...

It would be nice if only the offending posts were deleted, instead of the entire threads, especially when the original post and the original poster made no mention of selling any items.



The thread really isn't deleted, it's just up for review. If we deleted the posts then they're gone and not in the review section.

I think his gadget is a neat idea and he may have something there. You never know, he might have a business opportunity and if it works then a lot of people with this bike would benefit. That's one of the reasons for the review process. :smirk:

How would you like to come up with a device and the owners are interested in marketing it? It's happened around here a few times. That's a win for everybody. TT has a LOT of exposure to the community. :smirk:

Just some positive feedback to pass along, if you would...

It would be nice if only the offending posts were deleted, instead of the entire threads, especially when the original post and the original poster made no mention of selling any items.



Not an entirely unreasonable request but... you are then asking moderators to read every thread and look for stuff.

Good post? Bad post? Is it part of a bad post? Is it leading to something good, but appears improper?

For example, there was a thread a few day ago. The guys was looking for help to get some parts. He did not come out and say "WTB..." but it was worded close enough to 'be ok'. As the thread went on, it completely evolved in to a barter. Then it was removed and delt with in accordance with the rules. Now... if you guys, when you see something that is against the TOS, ask the poster to remove it, the chances of an entire thread going away goes down. Before I was a mod, I did that all the time, some complied and the thread survived, others did not and the threads eventually went away.

Just so you know, this exact situation of a good thread gone bad, happened to one of my own threads in the DRZ section. Entirely my fault. So I made an effort to recreate it, pming some of the original participants, explaining what happened and asked if they could add the information, if possible, again.

A similar thing happened last year when TT changed forum software. Many good threads got lost, for no reason other than the migration. Again, I contacted some and asked for them to make a new thread to replace the lost one. Some did just that.

Fellas, this really is pretty cut and dried, assuming you put yourself in our shoes while you review. As Ud pointed out, our rules cover the site in terms of commercial use. The thread in question was ok until it turned into and offer to provide a product for a fee. Now, I understand that the product in question isn't being made by some fortune 500 company, so don't get me wrong, this isn't a big deal. But, that's why it was removed. What? That doesn't make sense! Stick with me.

We can't have rules on this that are all over the board. That breeds, "why did you allow XYZ but not me?" and we don't want to get into that position. So, the best way to enforce the rule is, is the post commercial or personal? If personal, no problem. If commercial, per the rules, we reserve the right to remove it.

Now, I understand that there are degrees of commercial, but we can't play that game either. Then it's, "Well, he was small, so it's ok. You're bigger, so it's not." That's debatable at best and not a road we want to go down. It's just not a rule that moderators can enforce and neither can we. Also, if we allow some, then it gives others the idea that's it's allowed and how long before there is a regular presence of dozens of people selling this or that? It absolutely would happen.

Lastly, paying sponsors. The fact is, these vendors are the reason that we get to do what we do and bring it all free to you. It works. But, if you put yourself in the shoes of a paying sponsor, if we give away for free what they pay for (advertising), you'd probably wonder why you're supporting the site. Why not just do it for free? So, it's a necessity to divide use of the site into commercial vs. personal.

If the fine guy making the product is just doing it to help a brother out, I'm cool w/ that! Nothing wrong with that. Maybe he can upload a how to on making your own with dimensions, materials list, etc? We have no interest in getting in the way of that happening. We just want to avoid the problems associated with not enforcing our rules because it makes things confusing as to what is permissible or not.

As Ud said, the thread isn't gone, just moved. I have no issue moving it back with some corrections. Give it a day and we'll see what we can do. Again, no interest in getting in the way of good info, just enforcing the rules that everyone agrees to up front to the best of our humanly ability. :smirk:


As Ud said, the thread isn't gone, just moved. I have no issue moving it back with some corrections. Give it a day and we'll see what we can do. Again, no interest in getting in the way of good info, just enforcing the rules that everyone agrees to up front to the best of our humanly ability.

Thanks for the reply.


I think everybody is being entirely reasonable- rules & regs exist for a reason; it would be mayhem without them. And, TT does have bills to pay.

Just like cops- you may like 'em... you may not..... but just try to imagine society without 'em! (referring to the rules& regs)

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we appreciate the platform and infrastructure that TT provides.

I'll work on moving the thread back today. I recently relocated my family, so I went into a blackhole the last week or so. Sorry for the delay. This is a case where life really happened.

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