Engine/Clutch Issuses with Pitster Pro X2

Hey I'm back again with some new problems that maybe you guys can help with. I have the X2 140cc and the clutch gets really stiff when being used at a high RPM for a extended period of time (i.e Steep Hill Climb) I even broke the clutch cable pulling it in after this. Any ideas I'm assuming that it isn't getting enough oil in the clutch to make it loose? Btw this happens on my buddys X2 140 aswell...

And now I went out riding on sunday started it up ran fine for about a lap and I let it idle for a few minutes and then it just died and I havn't been able to restart it since. I checked all the electrical and changed the spark plug (even swapped electrical componenets from my buddys x2) checked my valves which were alittle tight, cleaned the carb and still nothing. The only thing I havn't done is checked compression which it does have some I dont know if its enough though. Anymore ideas on this aswell? Thanks alot


hows the spark ?

Have you checked the internals to see if anything is too tight inside the casing? Lube on the clutch cable? and if it it not any of those, than it is a compression issue. Mechanic for fourteen years working on anything with an engine, any questions feel free to ask. if this is the manager at tbolt then i talked to you on the phone not too long ago. let me know how that works for you. Personally it sounds to me like its a manufacturing problem or flaw. sounds like the internals on your clutch are hanging up on something preventing it from operating properly. its either hung up on something or when the engine heats up some component is expanding cause of the heat. makes sense right? when things heat up they tend to expand and expand rapidly. Molecules and all, changing what that part was initially supposed to do. Law of physics man.

Your clutch nut is loose, pull the cover and tighten it, the take a center punch and dinmple the edge of the threads so it will not come off.

When the nut comes loose it gets in between the throw out bearing and the end of that shaft , it then will be very hard to use.

thanks guys, I found out it was my stator after some metering out the whole electrical system. I think what happend was that my stator cover cracked and made a small hole and water/dirt from riding in the quarry got in a fried it.

As for the the clutch I'll have to check the nut

Thanks again!

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