Jetting help please

its a 98 kx 250 has v force 3 reeds and procircuit pipe with stock silencer

i ride mostly around sea level . my plug is a brown colour is that ok for a 2 stroke i thought they should be black ??? i know my main jet is 155 i have a 178 would that be to big ???:smirk:

ok main jet is 155

pilot jet is 45 and the clip was on the top slot on the needle all the needle says is its a no7F

i see there is a database for the kdx but not the kx

If your plug is brown, you are pretty close to being jetted correctly. Unless you are trying to resolve an issue like spooge, I would not change the jetting. Are you having any problems?

Also, most people on here, read the color of the plugs but looking way down at the base of the insulator after doing a WFO run followed by an immediate kill switch and coasting to a stop. There are plenty of threads around about reading plug color, somewhere between tan to mocha color is good for me !

found a couple of things about clip position which helped sounds like its pretty on the money by the look of the plug i might try 3 slot down and go from there i was just worried about running to lean . am i right in sayin that moving the clip down will make it richer from half throttle ?

You won't hurt the engine moving the clip around with stock jetting. I liked stock on mine, never had a problem with anything on that engine bone stock.

cheers for the help ill try 3rd down on the needle when i get it all back together

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