Replaced my Garmin 60cx with a 62st but need mounting help!


I am on my 3rd Garmin GPS, I had a 60c (broken), 60cx (stolen) and now a 62st. I planned on using a RAM handlebar mount the same as my previous gps but I have read on the internet the RAM mount for the Garmin 62 is not very good. This is dissapointing as my two garmin 60's have probably done 30,000 miles of trail riding no problems in the RAM mounts. As we all know on a dirtbike we need a good strong mount so I have some questions

Has anyone used a garmin 62 with a ram mount on a dirtbike? Do you have any feedback good or bad?

I remember there was a metal gps mount avalable for a garmin 60c but cannot remeber the brand name, does anyone know who makes these?

Thanks. :smirk:

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