chain adjustment

Hello, just wondering what tension you guys have for your chains. I've heard that yamahas are meant to have about 1.9-2.3 inches of slack in the chain when measured. But I don't have a manual for my 08 for the exact tension so i've just been setting my chain to 2 inches of slack. And if anyone does know the right amount of slack can u tell me plz. Also my chain is the stock one btw. Thanks evryone. :smirk: :smirk:

this is the best way, when i put the bike on the trailer i take a tie down from foot peg under the rail to the other foot peg compress the bike down so the swingarm is level then adjust the chain, then when you take it off measure it will be perfect. sorry i forgot the exact mesurment its around 2'' i just go buy eye now.

I do the 2 inch of great........

1.8 to 2.2 inches of slack, measured on the top side of the chain guide. I run mine right at 2 inches

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