lean, rich or both

my 03 450 requires the hot start to start at any thing past cold (choke on).-indicating a rich mix

when running pulling the hot start raises the rpm considerably.- also indicating a rich mix

when backing of with over run popping is common.-indicating a lean mix

if I'm not mistaken these situaions would all run of the the idle circuit of the carb so why do the results contradict each other


On decel a lean pilot will cause a loud bang or two. Popping on acceleration but bang on decel.

You can get banging and sputtering sounds from being to rich at decel off the throttle. It sounds distinctly different from a lean popping at decel but some people can get the two mixed up. Once you have jetted to both lean and rich in the same day you will know the difference. I think you are running rich by the sounds of it. :)

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