gotta resleeve cylinder??

Hello, My 05 yfz 450 has a scratched cylinder, I was told that i can't bore it out because it is plated. is this true or can i still bore it??

You can bore it, BUT, you will need to have it re-plated after boring.

Yep, and re-plating is pricey.

so when you say " re-plating" does that mean put a new sleeve in?? whats the point in doing a bore if i just gotta re-plate it... the cylinder has just three tiny scratches in it.. can i try to hone them out?? oir even just use it with the scratch??

Doing a bore will give you a larger displacement. These cylinders do not have sleeves. they have a coating on them that the rings ride against. To properly hone it, you will need a diamond hone. and yes if they are very light scratches you can run it, If they are big enough to catch your fingernail on, then you may be through the plating and will cause an early top end failure.

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