off set triple tree

so what is the advantage of this over the standard off set ?

better turn in or better straight line advantages ?


From what I understand, the advantage is both better turning and better straight stability, though the difference is small. I have yet to try my 22mm RG3 setup on the 08 YZ250 because I have a 125/250f stem and need a 250/450f stem, so I can't say for sure, but the shorter offset increases trail, which definitely lends itself to better stability. Though it seems counterintuitive, the increased trail, or some other aspect of the shorter offset, also leads to better turning :smirk:

Basically, reducing offset increases trail. This tends to reduce steering force to turn and increases high speed stability in smooth conditions.

The reverse is also true. But in rough conditions, increasing trail can upset the steering more.

That's because increasing trail adds to the self steering effect of leaning the bike over exposing the moment arm or "trail" in the geometry.

Here is a good primer on it.

Effects of Changing Trail

That said, I'm going to a 22.5 to see if I can enhance the bike's turning. Like any mod though, the benefits

may be outweighed by the drawbacks and a return to 25mm could happen. It will take some testing/tuning to see.

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I have a set for my 06 YZ 250 and its amazing. I mainly did it to help the turning of the bike because it is kind of a long bike(for me at least). As mentioned before though, if it gets really rough it can reduce stability but I think ill take that trade off.

I have a set for my 06 YZ 250 and its amazing. I mainly did it to help the turning of the bike because it is kind of a long bike(for me at least)...
This is what I found. To me 22.5 offset clamps were just amazing. :smirk: A Must-Have for the woods.

They had our YZ diving for the inside of turns, where before it wanted to climb out.

I have not noticed a loss of stability in high speed rough stuff. Probably because of my riding style -- I like to hang off the back of the handlebars. Someone who rides with an Attack position (or MX/SX tracks exclusivly) may get different results.

Honestly, I believe a 24mm or 23.5mm would be the most 'balanced' offset for the YZ250. It seems with 22.5 clamps you work just as hard pulling the bike OUT of turns as you used to push the bike INTO turns with the stock 25mm setup. But pulling on the bars suits my riding style, so I'll keep the 22.5s. :smirk:

Sounds like the bike needs a 24mm setup

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