Crf450X or xr650L

Hey whats up everyone im new to site and just have a curious question, first off Ive been riding sport bikes for most of my life and was recently involved in a accident. A woman pulled out into the road without seeing me and i had nowhere to go but into her driver door totalling my CBR1000RR, so now im looking into getting something along the lines of a crf450X or a xr650, itll be mainly for just going to and from work and would eventually put 17" wheels on it with street tires, any info on which bike would b better will be appreciated or any other bike for that matter Thanks


because you said street

Ok cool, it seems like those are a lil easier to find too

If you want something more in between those 2 bikes then there is the drz400sm, husky sm610 and ktm smc line. You get the sumo style bike but less maintenance in exchange for a little bit more weight.

Ok cool i will check those other bikes out, and is there a online store that i can look at all kinds supermoto upgrades and performance parts?

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