what cam chain with stroker motor?

well i am in the process of building my motor. the bottom end is together but i noticed my cam chain wasn't in the best shape. i've looked for about 45 mins now and all i find is info on the tensioners...

i think i have seen a HD d.i.d. chain but can't find it now. there are also some cheap ones on ebay, like magnum and ybn. but i want what will hold up and last!


Oem or something with a real good name/company .

I bought an oem for my bb stroker build .

i wouldn't mind OEM but i would like to order it from the local parts dealer, if i order before 3pm it should be here tomorrow if its at the local warehouse...

i'm thinking either the D.I.D. or wiseco, they both are probably fine but i wanted someones opinion first.


wiseco works fine.

thanks eddie

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