CRF50 street legal, motor swap?

hey all, i have posted here before about a similar issue, i currently have a 2009 crf50 that after many mods has been converted and plated for street use here in my ptovince.

i am currently running the stock honda engine with the red baron 88 kit. runs great, but im finding im revving the guts out of it to go 60 km/h.

i used to have apitster x4 with the 150 engine, and loved that little bike. it was reliable, fast, had the clutch, the whole nine yards.

im wondering what i can do to make life easier on the road. would converting the gears on my honda motor help? or should i save that beast and drop in a difrerent engine? and if so, what engine can i run successfully?


You're going to have to do something to change the gearing, regardless of what motor you have as that's what will reduce the engine speed at the higher speeds you're running on the street. How fast do you want to go and what speed do you want the engine to be at? With only 88cc, you're not going to have a highway cruiser and that little motor's going to have to rev to make some power.

I don't know what choices you have, but I would play around with sprocket sizes before you change motors. That's cheaper. You might find that with the higher gearing, you need a bigger motor. The bike won't be as quick to accelerate.

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