XT350 Left Turn Signals Stopped Working

The left turn signals stopped working on my way home the other night. Just the left side, front and back. Anybody else had this problem or know where to start looking for a solution? I won't be back home and able to work on it until Thursday, but I guess I will take the switch cover off and make sure the switch is working properly, then look for a break in the wire going to the left signals?

1. Wiring to handlebar switch or switch itself

2. wiring/ground to signals.

This assumes good bulbs in signals. They might just have blown out at the same time. Rare, but not impossible.

All four signals are LEDs that were replaced not long ago by the previous owner, so I will check the wiring and switch.

i would check the bulbs 1st. had this happen a few times myself and that is what it was.

i would check the bulbs 1st. had this happen a few times myself and that is what it was.

Were they your original signals or LEDs? From what I've heard LEDs burning out is an issue few and far between.

Turns out my signals aren't LEDs, they are just aftermarket ones that are much smaller than OEM. The rear bulb blew out causing the front and rear to stop working. I guess each side is one series circuit.

Or it needs the load to function. Could be the Iludium M36 space modulator...or the flux capacitor. :smirk:

Haha my bike may be undersprung and a little on the slow side but it is pleasantly simple!

They're great bikes. Only think going against them is the date of manufacture. Even that is fixable: just slip some newer suspension components on there and it will be as good as anything. My WRR isn't a racebike either. But I didn't buy it as a racebike. Both of these work just fine as long as you're not trying to make them something they're not.

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