Dirt Tricks Tensioner

I Have a 2006 SX-F 250. I just bought the Dirt Tricks tensioner because I heard that is will get rid of the engine ticking at start-up. Is there anything I need to to before installation, or do I just throw it in? Thanks.

Throw it in on a cold engine.

Cool. Do I need to be at top dead center?

my directions said to be at TDC but theres no reason I can see other than "incase" the belt comes so lose that it moves a tooth? Its easy enough to lock it at TDC so it wont hurt.

I'm sure I'll get laughed at for asking this, but how do I set "top dead center?"

I just put mine in yesterday in my 09 250XCF. I'm sure yours is relatively the same, but it did not require to put the bike at TDC and took all of 5 minutes to do the complete install. Engine purrs like a kitten :smirk:

My bike requires two dots on the cams to be lined up horizontally with the head to be at TDC. There's many methods but this is how I do it. I highly doubt yours needs to be at TDC

there is a hex screw with a thick copper washer under your water pump, take this screw out and remove the copper washer (hold onto it because you will need to reinstall it later). Now remove your valve cover and there are 2 hash marks on your cams that will line up (point towards eachother) when it is at TDC, when the cams are in this position insert the hex screw back into its slot WITHOUT THE COPPER WASHER, this will lock it into TDC. There is a slit the screw calls into so look inside that hole to make sure you arent going to drive the screw into anything and it is indeed in a slot.

Again, you may not need to do this, I did it for added safety and I had time on my hands.

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