Pw 50?

I just got my son a PW50, it looks like ill be doing a fresh top end, on these pw bikes, can i just rehone the cylinder and get the std rings or do i have to go .010 oversize or go .010 oversize with new piston, rings, etc and do i have to bore the cylinder or are these nickasil plated. Im rusty on these 2 smokes as the last one i raced was 20 years ago.

Any sugesstions?

if the cylinder is not scratched, i would just run a ball hone thorough there to put some cross hatch back in there and button it up.

when i had the Pdub, i just replaced the piston and cylinder all at once, a bit over kill i know, but they were not expensive.

Look around, you can get a top end kit with piston and cylinder pretty reasonably. Around $100, I think.

Ebay is littered with full topend kits.

remember you get what you pay for. i personnally stick with OEM equipment for the most part.

try peeweecycles or

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