Thinking of saleing or parting out my 06 TE250 1500mi not running, what do you think?

I've been thinking about putting my 2006 TE250 up for sale or parting it out on here and ebay. It only has 1500 miles on it and is in excellent condition but has stopped running. I've posted threads about the problems I've been having and can't figure it out. I can't afford to take it to the dealer because I spent all I could buying the bike. (Thought I wouldn't have any problems with such a new low mileage bike.) I sale a lot on ebay and don't mind parting it out but I know it could take a while and I'll have a lot of leftovers. Any ideas or recommendations?

Have you posted here before with details of your bike's symptoms?


And the dealer said?????

You should speak to a really knowledgable dealer/mechanic. It could be something pretty straightforward and possibly cheap.

Ok ok, I guess I will be calling my dealer tomorrow to see what they say. I'm just very frustrated with the whole situation. My dealer local dealer closed recently so its now over 100 miles away. This bike shouldn't be having any issues with this low miles. I'll update you all once I speak with them. I may go to the beach this weekend and take the bike to them.

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