DR-Z 400E Street Legal Kit

I live in Nevada and found out I am allowed to convert my DRZ400E to street legal (bike was purchased in CA). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has used the Tusk kit which seems to have everything for a good price. The kit by Baja Designs is very spendy and I don't plan on street riding other than some group rides that require some pavement. Also, I would like to retain my rear fender with the LED lights as opposed to the one that comes with the kit. Any suggestions? Also, is the kit fairly easy for someone that is pretty technical?



I've heard some ups and owns in regards to the Tusk kit... the BD kit is a solid plug and play package...albeit the looks being a bit dated.

Owned the tusk kit for over a year now, seal up the back of evey outlet and thank yourself for having $300 extra on your pocket.

I just found out I need DOT tires as well so this is starting to get a bit expensive for a one day trip with my KTM Dual Sport buddies. Between the kit, tires, local bike shop sign off and the DMV fees, I am at $500. Prb not worth it for an '04 bike.

Thanks for the info guys!!!!!!

Do it. I have an o4 I converted and I freakin love it. I used Tusk tail/brake light on a custom bracket, Tusk led sigmals and flasher relay, factory headlight is dual filament, just needs wired to work, Baja Designs turn signal/light switch. A couple other items and my own wire harnes for about $350.Are you planning on keeping this bike? "bit expensive for a one day trip with my KTM Dual Sport buddies" When you make this bike legal you just added an easy $500 to your resell value. You have the better motor, suspension all the "S" dudes are trying to build.

I myself would not worry about the dot approved tires.. I really doubt that anyone would ever check. I dual sported my 2000 kicker model here in idaho and it was definitely the best mod ever. Do it.

in my state I needed an inspection and they checked for DOT tires (Kenda trackmaster II) I dident need turn signals (hand signals) and the stock headlight was sufficient. All I needed were horn, mirror, dot tires to add, it was CHEAP AND EASY! (at least in colorado)


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