2004 150 vs 2006 150?

Hey guys, if you could help me out a bit I've got a quick question.

Looking at 2 CRF 150's potentially for my girlfriend. She's about 5'3" with some riding experience on smaller 80's and a CRF100. The 100 was too small, so this would be the logical next step, correct? Mostly just looking to cruise logging roads, quad trails, etc to start with but she wants to progress into more technical stuff and she's a fast learner with stuff like this.

The 2004 is kickstart, 06 has electric start. The e-start would be nice, but she really doesn't care either way. The 2 bikes are in basically the same condition and both ride out well. For $200-$300 more for the 06, would we be silly not to go that way? Looking more for reliability and low-maintenence versus higher-performance. Is there any advantage to the 04, or is this the no-brainer it seems like? I understand the 06 has an updated motor, and you could tell it has more power and better throttle response....does it require any more or less maintenence? Thanks a lot,


I have an 06 and its a champ, i really like and enjoy it.

They should both be great, but for $200 bucks more, id get the bike that is 2 years newer.

the battery is real easy to maintain, get a battery tender jr (25 bucks shipped on ebay) and when the bike is sitting, just plug it in is all, it will always be full and ready to ride.

I don't like batteries!

If she wants to learn to ride technical stuff go for the 06 with e-start.

150F's sit low and are hard to kick start when in a rut.

Way easier to hit the button when on an uphill than to kickstart it.

Everyone (almost) likes electric start.

Thanks guys, we ended up going with the 06....seems to be a great little bike. She wasn't worried about the electric start, but I really like it on my 450 when riding the tighter stuff and I think she would regret not getting it. So far I've cleaned the filter and just went through and snugged up all the bolts.....seems to be in good repair as far as a used dirtbike goes.

2 new questions tho;

I'm going to change out the oil tonight with some 10w40 motorcycle oil.....is there a filter like my 450? I did some searching and there is talk of a screen....is this a clean thing or a replace thing?

Also the fork boots are pretty torn up....can I just bail on them altogether? None of my bigger bikes have ever had them....so I can't imagine they're essential?

There is a oil filter on the 06, but its inside of the engine case, and there is no screen, only the 03-05's have a screen where the oil bolt is,

i also did some reading on here about the oil filter, and basically change it every 8 hours you should be fine, unless you want to remove the clutch cover off, and get to the oil filter, but not really needed imho.

I don't like batteries!

But I sure like the magic button that goes with them. :smirk:

Team Honda

Also the fork boots are pretty torn up....can I just bail on them altogether? None of my bigger bikes have ever had them....so I can't imagine they're essential?

The dust seals will block MOST dirt, but not all of it. I took mine off and it only took two rides for the seals to start leaking. I put seal savers on and now I rarely get dirt past the dust seals.

Others will have different experiences, but that's just mine. :smirk:

Thanks again, this was a big help!

I ordered the fork boots....they're cheap so why not. As I understand, it doesn't sound like the dust wipers are of the same design/caliber as a bigger bike, so that's why the boots are there.

Oil change, cleaned filter, cleaned up the plastic, adjusted chain, replaced a couple missing bolts/screws, took off a bunch of ugly stickers, snugged everything up.....it looks pretty damn good! The GF is breathing down my neck to have it ready for this week's camping trip lol. I think I'm going to ride this thing around the neighborhood more than her....it's a lot less conspicous than the 450 lol.

Not that it honks, but it packs my 200lbs around better than I thought it would! I want to rip out the baffles, port the airbox, etc but I better leave it alone until she has some seat time.

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