ama rules for a 5yr old

ok so my 5yr old rides a polini x3, we are going to an ama district race this weekend. According to the ama rule book this bike is only legal in the 7-8 yr old stock class. Can he race in that class being only 5?Taking the honda xr50 just in case the answer is no. But he wants to race the polini (i don't blame him, its a whole lot faster)

I wouldn't recommend you putting your 5 y/o against the 7-8 y/o. I believe once you ride in the higher class you have to stay in it. .

Wow at 5 years old he is already riding a x3?? Must be a pretty tall boy huh?

Well we are not serious racers, we only plan on racing a few of the ama races.not planning on buying another bike. we have a few unsanctioned tracks he races most of the time, they have a class they call 4-6 50cc open that he normally races in. I'll bring his honda xr50 along just in case.

yeah he is big for his age,was riding pedal bikes without training wheels at 2&1/2, a 4wheeler at 3, the xr50 at 3&1/2. He turns 6 in two months, has been on the polini about a month & 1/2 now. not super fast on it yet. but hey thought it would be fun to race at a loretta lynn area qual.

heres a vid from last weekend at a practice track

Serious or not, don't put him in the 7-8yr class. That's a big gap at that age and I'd be afraid for his safety, and afraid of scaring the crap out of him to the point where he wouldn't want to do it anymore.

But hey, I don't know your son! Maybe he's a Bubba and would kick all their butts! :smirk:

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