2010 fender&number plate on a 2005 YZ250F?


I just wonder if I can put a 2010 front fender with its number plate to a 2005 YZ250F?

i was wondering that to? bur for my 06 im pre sure if the bolt pattern fits you probbly can i dont really see y not

Fender will fit but you'll have to re-drill the holes. Don't know about the number plate directly bolting on but I am sure you can make it fit if it doesn't

As said, you have to redrill the fender but it isn't hard. The number plate will work but you gotta rig it up a bit. The 05 clamps accept the 2 pins from the 05 plate, the 2010 plate has no pins (it has holes) so you can maybe zip-tie the loops on the bottom of the plate and through the holes in the clamps.

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