Flaming Gorge area


So I am taking the family camping to Mustang Ridge Campgound at Flaming Gorge next month. I am not familiar with the area. I want to take a Polaris RZR, my sons CRF 50, and my CRF 450X, but I called the Forest Service office in Manila and they said we have to trailer the toys in the campground. We have to haul them in and of the campground if you wanna ride them.

Can anyone familiar with the area help me? I am wondering what kind of riding there is a around there and how far I would have to trailer the toys to ride. It sounds like a pain to load it up and go for a drive to get to ride. If the there is some trails close I guess it would not be to bad.

Can anyone point me to a good map of the area that shows trails?

I don't think there are any ATV trails near the lake or Mustang Ridge. I suspect you would have to trailer them up into the mountains - probably 1/2 hr or more away. But the mountains will likely still be snowed in.

I live in Dutch John, not any official atv trails near mustang, you can trailer them to Rifle canyon and ride some dirt roads and powerline right of ways

you could haul it to the visitor center parking lot and go up pipe creek road

their are trails up on the mountain but they are still snow covered or under water, we got a inch of snow in town just yesterday

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