id go look at it but could need a lot more done to it,its worth looking at ,if u buy it get all the info from the guy u can about it!

The pic is pretty bad but from what I can see, that is no 94, maybe an 84, but it isn't a 94.

Look again, the bike in the pic is an 85/86 CR, not a '94.

Well, it's definitely not a 94! It looks to be around an 85/86 to me. It still has rear drum brakes and I know they went to rear discs in 87 on the 125 (probably the same on the 250). Needing clutch work (and who knows about the water pump/right side case cover!), it's probably priced right...

Just talked to Don, he's not sure exactly what year it is. I can take a look tonight after work...

Yeah ok, that price makes sense then. You guys have good eyes, I could just make out colors... :smirk:

I already have an 86, 88, and a 91 CR 250, so I don't need another (really) old bike to try and find parts for. So if anyone else here in AZ is interested, have at it. :smirk:

OK, then I don't think I'll look at it, unless somebody else out there wants me to check it out...?

OK, then I don't think I'll look at it, unless somebody else out there wants me to check it out...?

Oh, I didn't realize you were offering to look at it for me!? Thanks for the offer man!! I'm a little bummed it is so old, I got kind of excited for a minute when I thought it was a 94...

Oh, sorry, guess I should have been more explicit. I *am* getting a bit older now... :prof::smirk:

Once you said you weren't interested, I briefly thought I might look at it for the parts to upgrade my Elsinore to a front disc brake, but there's a guy in Phoenix with an '87 roller and I'd rather try to get that since I wouldn't be taking apart a whole bike. There's also a guy with a CR500 front end that I'm hoping to get to upgrade the YZ. Gotta take a day off and head to Phoenix... :smirk:

assuming there is a VIN plate still.

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