Rear Shock Swap

So I picked up this old yz490 and stripped it down, rebuilt the engine (head modded), powdercoated the frame, new plastics, etc. Now I've reassembled the bike and have this random rear shock that someone has donkey doctored to make fit. I think it's from an old honda xr but might be wrong. It's no good nonetheless.

I have access to a bunch of almost new take-off sled shocks and thought I might give one a shot that has the same center to center. What other options are there? Can't find another 490 at any of the scrappers in BC/AB and nothing on ebay either. Yamaha doesn't sell them anymore. What to do?

Edited by KtownChevnut

Match up the eye to eye length and give it a go . You will probably have change the valving to get it spot on though.

keep watching ebay, I've seen them on there before. wouldn't hurt to check with some of the older suspension shops.

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