2001 kx250 carb set up

hi all... i bought a 2001 kx250, was imported from america i believe from ohio area, i live in calgary...

since having the bike i am struggling to get it to idle.... unless i am revving it, when let off revs it dies, also blackens the plug....

i know its the carbs fault as have looked at everything else...what sized jets should it have for calgary area (3500 above sea level)....i am really struggin with the carb set up!!!

please help!!!!

Clogged pilot jet, also confirm the fuel screw is set right.

I bet once the fuel screw and pilot jet have been taken care of, if you just remove teh airbox snorkle, your bike will be fine.

i re set the air screw and jet screw and the float bowl....i can check if its clogged.....do you know what jets i should have in it....so can check when its apart.

also how do i know the sizes of the jets is it stamped on them????

No idea what is stock, you might find it out in an onlin fiche or in the service manual. Yes, jets will have numbers/letters on them. If they are the original jets and the stock ones, they may have little stars next to the numbers. If the pilot jet looks clogged, buy a new one, do not bother to try to clean it.

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