values of used bikes down??

i remember in 2001, selling my early 90 xr100 for $1000 and balking at the guys 800$ offer, saying to him"xr100"s will never be worth less than a grand. now I see people struggling to get $800 for 6-8 year old models. It seems like 2 strokes are fetching a fair buck though. Any thoughts?

Ohh God, please tell me where I can get a cheap 250f???!?!?!!

I have been looking and it seems that the 2005-2009 bikes are going for close to new prices? (at least that is what the sellers are asking)

I have a very limited budget to spend and am looking for a cheap 250f to fix up for my 12 year old. I cannot find anything less than $2500 in Ontario or New York, it is crazy!!!:smirk:

i have been looking for a nice 02 or newer cr250 in the south jersey area, i cant even find one to buy at any price.

If anything I've heard prices are up. People being straped for cash are being forced to sell and they won't let those bikes go cheap. Been on craigslist everyday for a few months and anything at 2005 or over for a yz250f will be over $2,000.

yeah i know, but in 2002 i sold my 92ktm250 for $1500, so to say a 5 or 6 year old bike is $2k or over tells me prices are down. I never used to see clean jap bikes for $1000. Now they seem much more common

Asking prices are definitely up in Michigan but I don't know if the actual selling prices are. Stuff I saw going for $1800-2200 couple of years ago has asking prices of $300-500 more today.

Its hard to use craigslist as a gauge as everyone knows they will get low balled and settle for less than what they are asking so they start high. IN early 09 I saw the same 06 yz250f being listed over and over starting at 4400, then it was 4200 I called him up and offered him 3600 and he took it. I have my 08 yz450 listed for 4k has more bling than hours and was practically girl ridden, all I get is emails with douches telling me they could buy a new leftover for that, so I tell them to go buy that. In Denver, there are deals to be had for the ones that need the cash right away. I have been holding tight as I know my bike is in incredible condition and its been two months that I have been trying to sell. Jet skis are another issue, no one wants those! I made seriously low offers to get a pair last year and now I cant get rid of them

Prices are up on 2 strokes. Just sold my 03 YZ250 in less than 24 hours....for only 100 less than my asking price. My friends never though id get what I asked for it, I said it would be gone by the was gone alot faster then that.

Good to know Towelie a lot more bikes just entered my price range. I figured I could get people to drop but wow did you ever drop that price a lot! Maybe I'll find a similar result. :smirk:

Values of the popular bikes are still high.

When Honda gave the dealers incentive money in 2009 to sell used '08 450R's for $3995, it sure didn't help the guys selling used '07's, but the prices are back up now.

Credit is tight, so that now only those who deserve it can get it, and used bikes are hot again.

You can't give away a two stroke around here. I love them, and they're super fun, but they are not the bike of the future.

Have been trying to sell 08 YZ450 for $3,300 for a month. No calls. Dropped to $3,100, still no calls. Have another one, indentical, thinking of just keeping this one for parts.

My buddy had a tough time getting 3500 for his 2009 three months ago, that he bought as a left over like 9 months previous. Had 20 hours on it. I picked up my really clean one owner 2005 kx 125 for 900 bucks a month or two ago. And just got a smoking OTD deal on my 11 kx250f FI.

Wow where are you guys finding this stuff? I can't find a good deal on anything in the south.

Man where are all these cheap bikes your talking about!! Maybe now I won't have to choose between a mini 14 (gun) or a crf 250x.

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