09 tranmission: fits what years


I have a complete 2009 transmission. Will it fit other years? If so, which?

Thanks guys! :smirk:

08 for sure. Exchanging it 1 for 1 will most likely fit everything down to 04. I'm not 100% poisitive, but not much has changed in the transmission since 04.

I was thinking the same thing...

If anyone knows for sure, please let us know :smirk:

a complete 09 will bolt into any year CFR250 from 09 down.

I bought a complete 06 trans for our 09 with both shafts, drum, all 3 forks, and both fork shafts on ebay for $100 for reference. Condition was like new.

I installed both 06 complete shafts because everything was in really good shape. I reused my 09 forks and drum.

There are many interchangeable gears between the 06 and 09 with the same part numbers. There are a few which will only interchange if you have both side by side sets. The reason being, the later years went from 3 engagement dogs to 4.

I'm not familiar with anything below 06 first hand but have heard if you have the complete set with shafts it will work all the way down to 04.

Great, thanks a lot!

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