2012 Kawasaki's

Hey All,just wanted to chime in on the all-new Kawi's.It looks like kawi nailed both the 250f and 450f for this year.450f's feature all-new launch control system,slimmer frame,adjustable bar height and foot pegs.Plus they made changing DFI settings a snap,by just changing the couplet on the frame.I'm assuming the 250f incorporates most of the 450f's technology.:smirk::ride::smirk:


Man I hope not haha. I just bought my 11kx250f last week!

Other than the new KXF's and new Brute Force 750's I think kawi stayed pretty much the same.When I first saw the 450f's launch control I thought it was e-start.:smirk:

dmm, with the 2012 kx250f kawi added a second injector to help with the lack therof over rev from the 2011.. I'm hopeing maybe there might be a way to retrofit the 2011 but who knows..

now thats how dirt bikes should be made very user friendly and very adjustable....cant wait to see reviews on this one :smirk:

Hopefully everybody sees this and quits buying the '11s, leaving me a good deal on a leftover KX450 for a new woods/race bike next spring.:smirk:

MSRP for the 450 is $8400.The 250f is $7400, of course this is straight from kawi with no trade in or incentives.

The 2012 Kaw's look great.......I have been planning on a new bike for awhile......this may be the year.....

Man I hope not haha. I just bought my 11kx250f last week!

Don't you hate it when that happens, you just got old technology

the new kawis are siick.. almost makes me wanna switch from my suzukis, the adjustable bar and peg mounts are killer as well as the launch control they hit the nail on the head with these bikes for sure

Yeah,I'm a 2-stroke guy myself,but I may have to look into a '12 250f.As long as I have at least one 2-stroke in the stable im happy.I'm keeping my kx for my practice/playbike though.

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