can I get an HPSD?

So I bought my first bike in 10 years a few months ago. An '08 CRF450R. Got a good deal on it and I love it it but guess what I found (or didn't find rather) when I took off the front number plate? No HPSD! Back when I was a kid MX bikes didn't come with these things so I didn't even notice when I was checking the bike out. Oddly enough the guy didn't mention it...

Anyways, can I get one from somewhere or someone besides Honda? I am not even going to ask my local shop for the price of this thing. Depending on the price I think I am interested in getting one somewhere else though.

Thanks fellas,


eBay is your best bet.

Are you sure its an 08? Are the mounts there for the dampener?

Yeah, when I noticed it wasn't there I got scared... but the mounts are there.

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