Phat Head head? better?

CaveMike see head for 99-11 yz250 available from Phat Head racing. It look pretty, but be better? Who use? Tell CaveMike.

Are those the ones with interchangable combustion chambers?

btw, loved the caveman lawyer skits, good ol phil hartman.

Frank sinatra and frankenstien are also great skits!

Two chambers. Yes. That one.

I dont think so, and heres why. No doubt it could be better set up or have more compression than stock. But, when we sent our heads to RB Designs, He had each and every one of us make some very specific measurements and MADE us send in the solder pieces we used for the measurements. If the dimensions were all the same for a yz 250, he would never bother with this extra step.

So, to make a drop on head that works on any 99-11 yz 250, could you really get what you are hoping for?

Besides, the precision cut head is way, way cheaper. Not as pretty, but the stock look is half the fun.

I also destroyed enough heads on my 97..ok, lets call that "tuning" to learn that high compression alone is not what it takes.

I had one on my 01 yz125. They have to run the same squish setting as stock to deal with production tolerances, so the geometry is no better than stock. They can make custom inserts for you but they charge nearly the same price as a whole assembly (as of 2009ish). You could modify the whole assembly, but that would be harder than just getting the stock head cut.

My bottom line:

Bolt on mod- not worth it, get someone knowledgeable to modify your stock head.

Cheap head replacement- sure, and they look cool too.

CaveMike very distracted by beauty of Phathead. CaveMike very simple. Phathead compatible with E.G. 295 kit? Me probably no think so.

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