Did-it-Myself fiberglass numberplate

heading to Durhamtown in a week or so for 3 days of riding and hated the idea of taking the bike up there with all the street lights on it. dont want to damage them and maybe the few pounds i shed by taking them off will make me trail riding superstar lol!

so i went to lowes and got a piece of 26ga. steel, 5 bucks, and made a template for what i guess i wanted it to look like.


traced it onto the steel and cut it out with snips



i left about a 1/4 inch to bend up to make forming the edges possible


then i took a piece of flat stock and banged a little shape to it


then i took some fiberglass mat my buddy left over here and some resin, cut out 4 layers and laid it all in the mold and got it wet out as best i could


let it sit overnight(old resin took forever) trimmed the edges, then twisted on the mold until it popped out


nice shape i guess...


then i took off all the street stuff including the switch assy from the left side, bundled it up, then folding the headlight brackets in on the bundle


drilled a hole, slapped some paint on it (screwed up have to redo that), found a 1 inch spacer and a longer screw for the bottom mount and i'll probly just use a zip tie through the center and tie it to the wire bundle behind it.


sure it would be easy to buy something else, but this was minimal cost and kinda fun, i'd never molded anything before and i can see the potential for other parts with some better equipment (vacuum bag, etc...)

good job!



I love the stuff that people do themselves. Anyone can buy something. How much weight do you think you saved by taking off the light assembly?

I don't know, between the headlight, signals, tail light, blinkers, and tag bracket, maybe 7 pounds??? But its all weight where you dont want it so I guess any reduction is a plus. And, I plan on running the fan on a manual switch so not running the lights saves a little power for that too.

I would remove the fan. the DRZ400E doesn't need it. I don't think my fan ever turned on so I took mine off. No problems ever. With no lights maybe try a Lithium ion battery. That will save you another 7lbs.

I love it....came out great!

yeah i need the fan, the group we ride with ranges in experience and gumption level so we inchworm through some of the trails. a buddys ktm450 went off like a pressure cooker a few times last trip, dont want that to be me lol!

Looks great, I simply love DIY projects.

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