GoPro HD video PC requirements?

I'm thinking about getting a new home desktop PC. My primary uses will be web browsing and watching and editing HD footage from my GoPro. What do you guys recommend for minimum system requirements? Of course the kid at the electronics store says I need an Intel i7 processor, 8GB ram and a dedicated video card which all adds up to big bucks. Is all that really necessary? Any input would be appreciated.

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Well I have an asus laptop will the following specs and it works pretty good for me:

Intel core 2 duo 2.6ghz

6 gig of RAM

And a NVIDIA gtx 260

I can't complain complain because I don't have any issues at all. I am sure you could get away with less but a dedicated graphics card is a must. It take a huge load off the processor and them RAM and just makes everything run smoother.

how much are you looking to spend? If all your doing is cruising the net and editing video your not going to need an expensive rig. I don't have much extra money so i've been using the same computer for a while, and have no problem editing HD video with 2 gigs of ram, a good video card, 2.7 Ghert precessor and adobe premiere. I may take longer for my computer to create the final product, but other then that you can't tell the difference once it goes on youtube or dvd. I would definitely get something with more ram and a newer video card then what i have, but there really isn't a reason to pay for a gaming rig. Also, the nicer the computer you get now the longer it will stay 'up to date'.....

Exactly, the only reason have 6 gigs of RAM is because thats how it came. And I got ky laptop pretty cheap because its a factory refurbished. But generally desktops are considerably less expensive

lol I am still kicking butt on my AMD dual 4600 2.40 ghz and 1 GB on vista hehehe

Dam I need a new computer, I think this puppy is already 6 yeard old!

My next computer I will definitely build. You can build a comp. for $800-900 that would cost you $1200 at a store!

IMO stick with Intel!

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