xt225 charcoal canister removal

I'm trying to get my wife's '95 XT225 running after sitting for over a year and a half. The carb was totally gummed up, the petcock now leaks, the tank has some rust, the air filter crumbled in my hands..... you get the point

Well even though I'm in NJ the bike is a Cali model with charcoal canister.... I want to remove it, is it just a matter of removal and plugging up the lines or is there more to it???


If nobody chimes in here, take a look at xt225.com.


If you plug all the lines you will render the bike inoperable. You need to do some research.

Look at the Yamaha parts website for that year. It will show both the C model (California) and regular. If you look at the parts drawings, you'll see what the differences are, and it will most likely show that you can just remove the extra vacuum and vapor lines, plug the sources of both, and move on. It should be really simple, but don't create vacuum leaks, it will just do in your engine; just be sure you have everything plugged.

And greer has a good point, they have their own website.

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