2007 crf250r

Wasup guys,

I'm really interested in picking up a 250 and found one on craigslist. Its a 2007 250r 4 stroke.

It has:

black rims,

after market plastics and decal

Fmf full exhaust system

Pro circuit rear shock link,

race tech gold race valving race setup front and back.

He also noted that the transmission was rebuilt and replaced piston with new rings.

Hes firm on $2800

What do you guys think? worth it? Thanks

2800 would be to much for me maybe 2300-2500?

did he have the work done by a shop or by himself? receipts? how many hours did he say?

It's worth the 2800 with documentation of what's been done. I just sold a 08 for 3500 and it was worth every penny. I had all the documentation as to what was in it and the maintenance charts and records to go with it. A few small items to do if it hasn't already been done and it will be like a 2011. A well tuned carb set up will pull dam near as good as a EFI machine.

It was done by a local shop, and he is pretty firm on the price. He emailed me saying he'll take nothing less. He also said he wasn't sure how much hours it had.

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