'82 yz490 forks on '80 yz465 worthwhile?

hi all I've lurked around quite a bit but decided to join and ask a question about a project I picked up recently. Would it be worthwhile to swap the triples and forks from an '82 YZ490 onto my '80 465? They'd jump from 38mm to 43mm. Any drawbacks? the length from axle to top of clamp appears the same. I have the 490 wheel as well, in case I would have to run that, but are the brakes better or worse than the 465? thanks!

82?? i do believe they had the dual (action) leading shoe. They felt as strong as a disc brake,well worth it.!

This seems to be "the" set-up for 'evo' class racing.

38 mm vs. 43mm forks is the big upgrade. A lot less flex. The DLS brake is on both bikes. It is better than a SLS bit far from a disc.

I have 43mm from '82 YZ250 on my '80 YZ465. It's a great upgrade over the 38mm and with the DLS brakes, it will stop alot better than a SLS.

awesome, cause i got a 490 chassis for parts. I've heard bad things about the '82 linkage swingarm setup, so will probably not run that, but, cool, forks for sure. Thanks.

It appears the 490 shock is the same length or very close to the 465, but it has adjustable rebound. I am going to pull it off and see if it feels better. If anything it's got SOME adjustability anyways and the reservoir is anodized at least :-)

itll work great. i have a 78 yz250 that has 490 forks on it. havent got to test it but ive seen some yamis with the 43mm forks on there and everyone loves them.

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