help jd jetting drz400s

Hi all i know this may be a repetitive post but i have exhausted myself trying dif setups and searching this forum. I have read hundreds of post on how to set up my carb for a stock drz400s with 3x3 airfilter and spark arrestor removed. but every combo i have tried does not work. i am riding at sea level around 80 degree temps most of the time. i have the jd jet kit with the extended fuel screw. i had the bike running decent before i strted messing with the jd kit. Should i just take them out and run stock? That seemed too lean to me. I am new to this whole 4 stroke scene so try not to be too harsh.

Anyone? I tried exactly what jd said and it wont even start can someone please just give me a straight answer on what jetting I should use.

make sure the vacuum line is connected to the petcock.

any jetting setting you have tried wont keep it from running.

155 main jet

blue needle

clip 4

25 pilot jet with the stock fuel screw or

22.5 pilot jet with the extended screw.

Hi eddiei was hoping u would read this post and I appreciate your quick reply but I know its not the petcock because I put a wr 400 one in because mine was leaking I also plug thecarb side of it. The bike will start with them jets but I have to be wot and it idles really high regardless of what I do with the idle or fuel screw. Once itshuts off it wont start again. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

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